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Premium Gas Grills

The HALMO GRILL range has been created and engineered to provide style and quality with design, finishes and features of the highest level.

The cooking surfaces and the width ,depth of the burner box and grills are some of the biggest in the market and allow for a zoned cooking experience.

Finished in a deep silhouette black colour the grill is quite stunning , its die cast sculpted end caps on the steel lid define the elegant shape with its authoritative large thermometer and glass viewing panel creating an open and light cooking environment.

The main U shaped and wok style burners ( and an infra red Back burner) allow different styles of direct and indirect cooking. The Platform grid system unique to the Halmo allows an infinite variety of ways to arrange your grids and explore a world of cuisines, styles and cooking experiences. There are options on grill pieces, for the wok area and even the options on the warming racks make this a special grill to inspire your grilling ambitions.

Once you get past the main features there are built in hooks, cast iron side burners, storage for wines, sauces or tools in the end caps then you see the cavernous storage drawers and cabinets with push touch mechanisms. Locking wheel castors and a clip regulator for ease of use complement the fabulous looks and performance.

It’s a beautiful grill suitable for the enthusiastic novice or the experienced grill master, we hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities as much as we did designing them.